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London Property: Our Services
London Property is the team of UK property search consultants helping clients to find UK houses and flats for investment and private purposes, including flats and houses in Central London, London investment property and off plan proper in London.
We offer medium- to long term London property investment as well as shorter term opportunities. The latter involves buying an off plan property in UK strategic areas 1-4 years before completion of construction and re-selling it after 12-36 months with a potential significant return.

London Property provides a complete UK property investment solution: research and property finding, negotiations to achieve a price reduction, arrangement of a legal support, mortgage financing, property furnishing, lettings and management, provision of a tax-efficient property ownership structure (e.g. trust or offshore company) if required, releasing profits through re-mortgaging or re-sales, portfolio expansion, etc.

London Property Investment

Historically, London property prices have been steadily increasing and rising faster than average UK property prices.

Due to recovering UK economy, London property market offers good investment opportunities both for medium and long term rental investors and those with shorter-term trading strategies.

Because of the credit crunch and property market meltdown, most of the development projects were on hold until recently disrupting supply in chronically undersupplied London market.

British pound is still relatively cheap and is expected to recover as economy recovers and interest rates rise.

LaSalle Investment Management's ninth European Regional Economic Growth Index shows that London remains the best city in Europe for investment. The report ranks the top 91 European cities evaluating economic growth, the overall level of wealth, and the relative attractiveness of the local business market.

UK property investment is tax efficient for non-residents of the UK: they pay 0% capital gains tax on UK property investment.

UK property transaction costs (stamp duty, legal fees, etc) are lowest in Europe (5% in total on average).

UK property transactions are safe as documents and transfer of funds are handled through regulated independent law firms, and the ownership title is registered at the UK's Land Registry.

Non-residents frequently buy UK property on an offshore company name to save tax, preserve confidentiality, simplify transfer of a property to heirs, etc

London Property sources properties in strategic London areas, where property price growth is expected to exceed the average London property price growth. Moreover, financial leverage from off plan property investment or a mortgage multiplies the investment return.

Due to high level of sophistication of the UK financial system, both local and international buyers can benefit from the UK property investment with financial leverage: they can either invest in an off plan property with a low deposit (10-20% until completion of construction, unlike 20-100% deposit in other countries), or they can get a mortgage up to 75% of a property value.

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London Off Plan Property investment

Off plan property investment is a convenient and hassle free way to get exposure to the London property market. Off plan property is a property before completion (sometimes before beginning!) of construction.

London Property helps investors to maximize return on London property investment by sourcing off plan property in London high growth areas (regeneration areas which are well connected to fast growing employment centres) with long time to completion of construction (1-4 years), exceptional payment terms (10-20% deposit before completion of construction), security of a deposit, and sometimes up to 10% discount off independent valuation. Due to financial leverage, 10% deposit before completion of construction returns 100% on invested deposit if property prices increase by 10%.

Off plan property investment: more details

Flats and houses in Central London

Prices of flats and houses in Central London have historically been rising faster than in London on average. The prime Central London market has been the best performing area of London property market before the credit crunch, and we think that prime Central London will continue to outperform the rest of the capital and the UK.

Overseas buyers, particularly from oil rich countries like Russia, Kazakhstan and the Middle East, have been very active in the Central London property market.

London Property offers clients finding flats and houses in Central London in the most prestigious London areas such as Kensington, Chelsea, Belgravia, Mayfair, Holland Park, and St James's as well as period and exclusive property, fine town residences and exceptional country homes, cottages, luxury apartments and waterside properties in other the most sought after UK locations.

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London Property is the website of Integrated Services (UK) Ltd which is registered at 100 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5NQ, United Kingdom under the Company No. 05369570. London Property offers UK investment property, flats and houses in Central London, and UK off plan property.