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UK and London Property Search
London Property is the team of UK property search consultants which helps clients to find UK houses and flats for investment and private purposes, including prime property, investment property and off plan property.

We offer medium- to long term UK property investment as well as shorter term opportunities. The latter involves buying off plan property 1-4 years before completion of construction in UK high growth areas and re-selling it after 12-36 months with a potential annual return up to 100%.

London Property sources UK property in strategic areas aiming to outperform national property indices while using only reputable developers with attractive payment terms.

We offer clients finding flats and houses in Central London in areas such as Kensington, Chelsea, Belgravia, Mayfair, Holland Park, and St James's as well as period and exclusive property, fine town residences, exceptional country homes, cottages, luxury apartments and waterside properties in other the most sought after UK locations.

London Property provides a full UK property portfolio management solution: we do research and property finding, conduct negotiations to achieve a price reduction, arrange a legal support to transfer the property title into a buyer's name, organize a mortgage and property letting and management, appoint selling agents at a later stage, open European bank accounts, and provide a property ownership structure (offshore company) if required. Legal support, mortgage brokerage and property management and lettings will be organised by us but implemented by specialist companies. Their services are to be paid for by an investor separately.

London Property can recommend consultants specialising in immigration matters, tax planning, and UK education.

Our advantages

We do extensive research using publications of leading consultancies and development plans of local authorities (for example, "The London Plan", the strategic plan for the development of London in the next 15-20 years) before we recommend areas for investment. In recommended areas, we strive to find the best projects in terms of location, price, and payment and legal structures.

Price per square meter in the same area can differ as much as 10% without significant reason. Finding right deals can provide immediate savings to an investor. On top of that, we normally achieve 2-6% of price reduction through negotiations with a seller or his agent.

London Property provides full portfolio management solution, including active portfolio management which creates value in addition to property price appreciation. For example, a passive investment of GBP 50,000 in a flat worth GBP 250,000 (GBP 200,000 financed by a mortgage) will be worth GBP 400,000 in 10 years if market grows 5% annually, and an investor's equity will be GBP 200,000 (the rest - a mortgage obligation). If a portfolio is managed actively, the same GBP 50,000 at the same market growth rate of 5% will grow in 10 years into GBP 350,000 of the investor's equity while the portfolio will be worth GBP 1,160,000.

Our fees

Our fees depend on complexity of a transaction and portfolio value but do not exceed 1% for off plan property transactions and 2% for other property transactions.

Due to significant purchases by our clients, some developers offer us a commission for sales of their property. We will inform clients when such commissions are applicable. In those cases, no or reduced fees will be payable to London Property, and buyers will benefit from our services virtually free of charge.

Our fees normally include the following:

Market analysis, property search, property visits (where applicable), and reporting to a client.

Negotiations with a seller or his agent to achieve a price reduction.

Organisation and coordination of legal support and of property valuation (normally required for a mortgage provider), dealing with developers or selling agents, mortgage brokers, and a mortgage provider until the title is transferred into a buyer's name.

Hiring of a property management and lettings company.

Hiring of a selling agent at a later stage if a property is to be sold.

These fees do not include our support for a mortgage application. We are willing to introduce clients to independent brokers, including those specializing in mortgages for non-residents of the UK, free of charge. Normally, such brokers will provide you with a full support in your application. If our help is required in dealing with a mortgage application until mortgage funds have been received, we will charge 0.5% of a mortgage value for such a support.

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London Property is the website of Integrated Services (UK) Ltd which is registered at 100 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5NQ, United Kingdom under the Company No. 05369570. London Property offers UK investment property, flats and houses in Central London, and UK off plan property.