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Property ownership structure
Buying a property on the name of a private person may lead to high tax losses, complexities in transferring a property to heirs, and make a selling procedure more costly and lengthy.

Putting a property on the name of an offshore company may result in the following benefits:

Preservation of a buyer's confidentiality as an offshore company will be registered as a property owner at the UK's Land Registry. Information about shareholders and directors in not open for public in many offshore jurisdictions.

Simplification and reducing cost of a selling procedure as the transfer of a property can be achieved by transferring company shares to a new buyer, and appointing him as a director. Because the same offshore company remains the owner of a property in the UK's Land Registry, no stamp duty is payable in the UK on such a transaction (stamp duty is 1-7% of a property value, depending on the property value), and cost and length of a selling transaction are reduced substantially.

Preservation of an operational control over the property by appointing yourself or your trusted person as a director of the company.

Simplification of the inheritance procedure as shares can be held directly by heirs or a trusted person who would transfer the shares to required individuals, or appoint them as directors, when needed.

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